Výchova chlapců a dívek v genderově zmateném světě (ENG)

Parenting Boys and Girls in a Gender-Confused World

Equipping parents to teach their sons and daughters what it means to be a boy or girl created in love to bear God’s image.

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This eight-session video course aims to give parents practical guidance, equipping you as you seek to disciple sons and daughters about what it means to be a boy or girl—a person created in love to bear God’s image.

We want to help you help them grow in understanding God’s design so they can think biblically about gender and have the knowledge and courage to explain and defend the goodness of our Creator’s intent. And, of course, we want to guide you in how to offer compassionate help if your child is struggling in this area.

Teaching videos, participant guides, discussion questions, and recommended resources combine to give parents a biblical foundation and practical guidance to engage these topics with their kids.

This course explores:

  • What’s happening culturally regarding gender? How did we get to this place, where it’s now accepted as truth that “boys can be girls and girls can be boys?”
  • A biblical foundation for the impact of deception and false teaching as connected to current gender ideology
  • A brief history of the development of gender ideology and how understanding it can help you with your kids
  • A biblical map to explain how desires, sin, suffering, and our beliefs converge to produce a worldview from which we take action, develop a self-identity, and respond to life in this world
  • How to talk to your kids in biblical, compassionate, and age-appropriate ways about gender
  • Encouraging your kids to stand firm on biblical truth when others oppose or mock them
  • How to walk with kids who are struggling with gender-related issues

Unit 1 – Standing Firm on a Biblical Foundation

Unit 2 – The Tree Model Applied to a Gender Confused Generation

Unit 3 – Talking With Your Kids About Gender Issues

Unit 4 – Helping your Hurting Child with Gender Confusion and Struggles

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