Výchova sexuálně věrných dětí (ENG)

Raising Sexually Faithful Kids

Learn the tools needed for discipling your children in biblical sexuality.

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Raising Sexually Faithful Kids is an eight-session course that aims to encourage and equip parents to train up their children regarding sex and sexuality. Teaching videos, participant guides, discussion questions, and recommended resources combine to give parents a biblical foundation and practical guidance to engage these topics with their kids.

This course explores:

  • God’s design for sexuality and why we struggle with sexual sin
  • How to talk to your kids about sex and sexuality in age-appropriate ways
  • Navigating technology
  • The impact of your history as a parent and how to receive God’s restoration
  • Addressing and walking with your kids when they are struggling with sinful sexual behavior
  • Your hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ for this challenging but vital aspect of your call as moms and dads!

Unit 1 – Discovering: Looking Deeper than the Fruit

Unit 2 – Talking: Having the Sex Talks

Unit 3 – Protecting: Navigating the Technological Terrain

Unit 4 – Walking: Helping a Struggling Child

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